About MAI

Medical Action – Committed to being the Trusted Partner, delivering innovative solutions to the healthcare community for the purpose of improving quality care and enhancing the patient experience!


    We strive to achieve excellence throughout our organization. Our goal is to be recognized for superior quality consistently reflected in our products, people, service and processes. With a focus on continuous improvement, we proactively work to raise the standard of performance while dedicating ourselves to exceeding customer expectations.
    As a Leader in the Healthcare Industry, we conduct our business with unwavering honesty and integrity. We are mindful of the impact our actions and behaviors have on all stakeholders namely customers (healthcare workers, patients, Distributors, GPO’s), business partners, employees and shareholders. Therefore we hold ourselves and one another accountable for delivering measurable results.
    Our employees are creative problem solvers who apply innovative strategies and approaches to managing all aspects of the business. Our history of pioneering quality products and programs, demonstrates that we are capable of being agile, nimble and game changers in adjusting to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry.
    We operate with a spirit of collaboration and interdependence. We are acutely aware that we can only achieve greatness by harnessing our collective capabilities and mutually investing in one another’s success. Our mission is to serve all those who have a stake in our organization and the communities in which we work. This includes: customers (healthcare workers, patients, Distributors, GPO’s), business partners, employees and shareholders.
    Financial, professional and personal growth is a key motivator throughout our organization. We are committed to consistently increasing our sales revenues and generating fair and healthy profits. Growth and development in our people is attained through world class education and training. We operate with a passion for expanding our capabilities to lead the progression and advancement of innovative solutions that facilitate the delivery of quality patient care.