Our program provides a cost effective, hassle free alternative for managing Hamper Stand acquisition and replacement.

Hamper Stands are utilized throughout the facility for the collection of laundry, soiled linen, infectious waste, isolation linen, surgery soiled linen, and trash. Facilities are looking for the most cost effective means of acquiring hampers while limiting replacement and repair costs and burdensome paperwork.

By utilizing the Operating Budget vs. Capital Budget you’ll have access to Hamper Stands as needed without the budgetary hassles or additional paperwork while the cost is amortized over time in the price of the laundry and linen bags.

Medical Action offers the flexibility of two programs each designed to meet the specific needs of your facility:

Medical Action is your "Solutions Provider" for managing cost and maximizing operational efficiency and product performance. Give our Account Managers a call today and see what we can do for you!